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Onfleek | Mini Punch Bag

Onfleek | Mini Punch Bag

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Unleash the stress 

✨Easy to install | Sticks Everywhere

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Unleash the stress on PunchBomb and let that it melt away! Perfect for those moments when you just need to punch it out and you will feel instantly lighter. Every hit is a step closer to a chiller you.


Master your flow, tecnique and precision to develop the perfect punch. Unleash your inner power and become the best.


PunchBomb is super tough and made to last. The suction cup stick on almost any flat spot. So, whether you're at home, work, or on-the-go PunchBomb is always ready for some action whenever you are!


PUNCHBOMB sticks to almost any flat surface, letting you train, play, or de-stress anywhere. Whether you're in the living room, at the office, or even waiting for your coffee to brew - with PunchBomb, every place is a potential punching playground.

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